Unified Identity and Access Management | SSO | Single Sign-On

The Bitium Difference: Security. Flexibility. Ease of Use.

Bitium helps companies organize, manage and secure access to cloud applications.

The Identity Life Cycle Solution for Growing Companies

As your company scales, Bitium grows with you and adapts to your changing needs.

Securely Access
Cloud Applications
Via Bitium


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Create new users in systems like Google
Apps or Salesforce from within Bitium and
manage user identity across
all cloud applications.


Single Sign-On

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Grant users secure one-click access to the
cloud apps required for their role.


Manage Access

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Change the cloud applications users can
access and the rights they have, plus audit
password security and usage.



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Deactivate or delete a user to permanently
remove access to any of your cloud

Companies Trust Bitium to Provide a Secure Single Sign-On Solution

  • “I’ve been impressed top to bottom with the Bitium team, their responsiveness and ability to meet our growing demands.”
    Tony Delmercado, COO
  • “Bitium makes it easy to manage and collaborate…without lists of passwords ever needing to change hands.”
    Andy Mowat, COO
  • “Bitium removes roadblocks so employees can sit down, log in, and get to work… Bitium has really helped change worker habits for the better.”
    Jason Goldling, System Support Analyst

Thousands of people use Bitium every day from a variety of industries.

Manage Passwords, Users and Cloud Application Access

Secure. Flexible. Easy-to-use. Bitium makes it easy for you to focus
on growing your business, not managing passwords.