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Hanover Insurance Group - TAP SAML for Hanover Insurance Group - TAP

SAML is an XML-based open-standard for web-based single sign-on. The first major version of SAML was released in November, 2002 by the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS). Until recently, SAML was primarily used by large organizations due to the cost and complexity of deploying a custom SAML solution.

As a leading provider of SAML for small and medium businesses, Bitium is making SAML affordable and easy-to-use for companies of all sizes.

SAML is not yet supported for Hanover Insurance Group - TAP. For this application we recommend password vaulting. To learn more start a trial today!


Bitium's SAML solution provides enhanced security by removing app passwords and replacing them with a secure token between Bitium and your cloud apps. Since there's no password for SAML logins, there's no risk of credentials being stolen or used by unauthorized users.


Since all SAML implementations conform to the open standards published by OASIS, SAML access is not restricted to a single identity provider. This open standard gives you the freedom to choose the SAML provider that works best for your organization.


SAML uses federated identities and secure tokens , making the SAML protocol one of the most secure forms of web-based authentication. Used by some of the largest organizations in the world, SAML is a trusted solution for enhanced security for web-based app access.


The Active Directory integration allows you to sync your directory with Bitium to manage access rights. Grant, change or remove credentials for any user in your directory in real time from within Bitium. You can also connect with LDAP, Google Apps or use Bitium as your primary identity directory.

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