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For organizations that use BambooHR as their Human Resources Management System (HRMS), automatically provisioning Sears - Citibank Credit Cards and other cloud-based SaaS apps based on job function and department can be difficult. SaaS applications typically have their own native directory structure that does not match how you store your data in BambooHR.

Bitium solves this integration problem by syncing natively with BambooHR in real time and automatically updating Sears - Citibank Credit Cards and your other cloud apps, allowing you to manage Sears - Citibank Credit Cards using your existing BambooHR directory structure.

Bitium lets you seamlesly manage Sears - Citibank Credit Cards using BambooHR and your existing roles and departments

Sears - Citibank Credit Cards


Our BambooHR integration allows you to sync your directory with Bitium to manage access rights. Grant, change or remove credentials for any user in Sears - Citibank Credit Cards from within BambooHR or Bitium. You can also connect with Active Directory, LDAP, Google Apps or Bitium for primary authentication.


Bitium's autoprovisioning functionality allows you to automatically create, edit or delete users in Sears - Citibank Credit Cards based on settings in BambooHR, Bitium or Active Directory.


Add an additional layer of password protection with multifactor authentication (2FA). 2FA verifies user identities via mobile app before granting them access to Sears - Citibank Credit Cards.


With Single Sign-On (SSO), users log in once to Bitium, allowing them to launch more than 10000 supported web apps with a single click of an icon from their Bitium dashboard. SSO helps employees save time and prevents lost or forgotten passwords.


See who is using Sears - Citibank Credit Cards, when they use it and from where. You'll also have insight into the security of each user's Sears - Citibank Credit Cards password.


Bitium's SAML solution provides enhanced security by removing app passwords and replacing them with a secure token between Bitium, Sears - Citibank Credit Cards and your cloud apps. Since there's no password for SAML logins, there's no risk of credentials being stolen or used by unauthorized users.

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