Bitium exists to improve the way companies use software

The Backstory

Like many successful technology companies, Bitium was created to solve a problem faced by the founders. Scott Kriz and Erik Gustavson previously worked for a start-up, where speed and agility were required to keep projects moving. Employees used a variety of cloud-based applications, none of which were “talking” to one another, causing obstacles and inefficiencies.

Bitium was created to change how people and companies work by fundamentally changing the way they interact with software, starting with single sign-on and identity access management.

The History

The emergence of Software as a Service (SaaS) has ushered in the era of Cloud Computing. In a few short years, cloud computing has been a catalyst for new business models, transforming business processes, changing industry dynamics and creating completely new markets. Outdated approaches to security management cause many organizations to try and lock down access to cloud apps, sacrificing competitive benefits in a misguided attempt to limit risk.

This approach is not sustainable.

The Vision

Cloud-forward companies embrace cloud-based innovation as a competitive advantage. Many introduce new business models and disrupt their industries by harnessing and empowering employee creativity. Bitium’s belief that cloud apps will form the platform for many future companies’ success gels with these companies’ commitment to fast growth and innovation. We developed Bitium to be secure, flexible and easy to use.

The opportunity does not end there. The cloud-forward companies of today intend to be the market leaders of tomorrow and Bitium will be there to help them succeed.

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