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Google Apps LDAP and Active Directory with A/B Testing Software Integration with Bitium

Walnut, CA (prsync) August 12, 2014 - Bitium’s Unified Cloud Management System lets customers store and manage their credentials in addition to 2,300 other web-based applications. Garrett J. Brown, Chief Revenue Officer at Bitium says that this integration is important because “Bitium lets companies focus on their core business objectives without worrying about application and employee access management. We enable companies and people to realize the full potential of cloud and web-based applications. Users can get one-click access to through Bitium’s personalized dashboard, and manage all of their web-based software from one place.” With this integration Bitium offers industrial grade security and allows you to connect Google Apps, LDAP, and Active Directory control access to’s app.

With the news of bringing this level of enterprise security and access, CEO of, Dennis van der Heijden affirmed that has plans to grow the team significantly this year to support the growth in new clients. “As retail and agencies start signing up more frequently dues to the fact that is now the most affortable A/B testing software for websites with a high traffic volume we see the need to also expand our team. We have seen KMART and UCLA and thousands of sites all growing their conversion rates and revenue per visitor and that brings a wave of new clients with it. You see that growth in large and enterprise companies comes from the first large brands joining. New features are being requested that fit that enterprise company size and Bitium is a great partner to support those access control and security needs. In addition to the features we also need more attention that the onboarding of new clients. We obviously need to grow in employees. We expect to double in team over the next six months like we doubled the team over the last three months”. Van der Heijden shares that most of the growth comes from companies that leave tools like Adobe, Visual Website Optimizer and Optimizely because will keeps their sharp volume based prices A/B experiments for agencies and retailers while other tools raise prices.

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