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Bitium Now Available in the Google Apps Marketplace

SANTA MONICA, Calif., April 16, 2015 /PRNewswire/ – Bitium, a provider of cloud-based identity and access management solutions, announced today that it is now available in the Google Apps Marketplace, Google’s online storefront for Google Apps for Work products and services.

“With the increasing number of data breaches and hacks, security is a top priority for IT managers of businesses of all sizes,” said Scott Kriz, CEO and co-founder of Bitium. “We are excited to make Bitium available – and tightly integrated – with Google Apps for Google Apps for Work administrators and users to make them more secure and more productive.”

The Bitium app gives Google Apps administrators the ability to manage all of their business’ apps users and groups in one place, leveraging the Google Apps user directory. Once installed, users and groups will automatically sync from Google to Bitium, eliminating the need to manage two separate directories when adding and revoking access to various applications. For example, Google Apps administrators can now create new accounts with their preferred CRM system or cloud storage provider by simply adding the user to the appropriate group in their Google Control Panel. Administrators will also have access to insights, reports, audit logs and details on app spend to help manage IT costs and not pay for apps they aren’t using regularly.

“Bitium makes our day-to-day work life easier,” said Greirson Lee-Thorp, Systems Engineer for Mobilityware. “We come into work, log into Google Apps and we’re in for the day. No need to log into additional apps or questioning if we’re using the right username or password; we can just get to work.”

Bitium’s integration with Google Apps for Work provides employees with the freedom to select and access the apps they need to be most productive without having to complete approval forms that delay their time to usage. With Bitium’s single sign-on and deep integration with the Google Apps user directory, employees are able to access all of their applications without needing to know any of their usernames and passwords; they just simply log in using their Google Apps credentials. Employees are also able to share app access with various team members without having to share specific passwords.

IT managers can install Bitium from the Google Apps Marketplace here and through the Google Apps admin console.

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