The Most Secure Way to Manage AWS Login

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How it Works

When it comes to AWS, you shouldn’t have to choose between authenticating securely with the SAML protocol and using AWS’s CLI. With Bitium’s API, you can generate SAML assertions programmatically so that you can continue to use Amazon’s CLI without relying on a web interface. We’ve even created a wrapper for you in Bitium’s new client, Bitium-CLI, which makes it possible to use SAML with CLI so you don’t have to choose.

All you’ll need is Ruby, Bitium-CLI, and some light configuration in your Bitium and Amazon portals to get setup (and the AWS-CLI, of course!)

Use AWS Command Line Interface tools with SAML

Generate SAML assertions through Bitium-CLI

Use Amazon’s CLI without relying on web interface

Secure AWS Login

Bitium is an enterprise-grade application and identity management solution

Manage applications, employees, usage and authentication securely and efficiently

Single Sign-On

An easy-to-use SSO solution that lets employees securely access and manage all of their applications from one dashboard.

Manage Access

Administrators can quickly manage access to applications, create groups of apps and users, and securely onboard & offboard employees.

Reporting & Auditing

Track who uses your corporate software and how often, to eliminate unused subscriptions, and monitor corporate app usage.

Keep Passwords Secure

Securely share access to apps with co-workers, admins, groups or clients without revealing passwords.

AD, LDAP, Google Apps

To maintain a secure and efficient work environment, control access to corporate apps with your existing corporate identity using Active Directory, LDAP, or Google Apps.


If you are in a regulated environment, Bitium lets you deploy application with the user access controls required to enable and maintain a state of compliance.

Manage Passwords, Users and Cloud Application Access

Secure. Flexible. Easy-to-use. Bitium makes it easy for you to focus
on growing your business, not managing passwords.