Management, Single Sign-On, & Analytics for All Your Apps

Bitium Makes Managing Your User Identities Easier, Faster and More Secure

Bitium is an enterprise-grade application and identity management solution

Manage applications, employees, usage and authentication securely and efficiently

Single Sign-On

An easy-to-use SSO solution that lets employees securely access and manage all of their applications from one dashboard.

Manage Access

Administrators can quickly manage access to applications, create groups of apps and users, and securely onboard & offboard employees.

Reporting & Auditing

Track who uses your corporate software and how often to eliminate unused subscriptions and monitor corporate app usage.


2,000+ Apps and Counting

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Bitium provides a great day to day experience for our end users! It provides a single place for each user to manage their credentials and securely access their applications. During the new hire onboarding process we go through account setup once and rarely have to revisit. In addition, the number of lost / forgotten passwords has reduced dramatically.

- Greg Wright

Sr. Manager of Technical Operations
Act-On Software

We upgraded to Bitium to store our credentials and manage access to cloud applications. We’re able to keep track of who has access to what, and enable our employees to safely adopt the apps they need to do their jobs.

- Lachlan Donald

99 Designs

Bitium has dramatically simplified our onboarding/offboarding processes, plus IT management and security for our team and for our customers. That alone makes it worthwhile. But throw in the big efficiency boost it gives our staff every day? It’s been a huge win for us.

- Jaspar Weir


Bitium makes it easy for us to manage and collaborate with multiple administrators across three continents. And it’s all done securely, without lists of passwords ever needing to change hands. It gives us flexibility in hiring and workforce management, clear and secure protocol for employee and member onboarding and offboarding, and the ability to provide superior customer service to all our clients.

- Andy Mowat