Accessing Applications as fast as you Slack

  • In Bitium, go to: Admin -> settings -> API Tokens and create a new token.
  • Configure Bitium Integration in Slack with the token generated in Step 1.
  • In slack, type: “/bitium your-app-name” into any chat window.
  • Select the account to log into and give yourself a high-five.

Bitium is an enterprise-grade application and identity management solution

Manage applications, employees, usage and authentication securely and efficiently

Single Sign-On

An easy-to-use SSO solution that lets employees securely access and manage all of their applications from one dashboard.

Manage Access

Administrators can quickly manage access to applications, create groups of apps and users, and securely onboard & offboard employees.

Reporting & Auditing

Track who uses your corporate software and how often to eliminate unused subscriptions and monitor corporate app usage.

Keep Passwords Secure

Securely share access to apps with co-workers, admins, groups or clients without revealing passwords.

AD, LDAP, Google Apps

To maintain a secure and efficient work environment, control access to corporate apps with your existing corporate identity using Active Directory, LDAP, or Google Apps.

IT Security

A single-sign-on solution for employees to securely access and manage their applications.