Identity Management Service
Connect, manage and secure your apps, users and directories

Easy Integration with Cloud Apps

Today’s modern workforce expects to have access to the latest cloud apps across any device and time zone. App growth within the organization often outpaces available IT resources. This has led to the growth of Shadow IT, compromising security and compliance.

With Bitium, organizations can stop worrying about maintaining complex integrations with both federated and credential-based apps. Bitium’s comprehensive app catalog is continuously updated and maintained, enabling business and IT productivity while reducing Shadow IT in an organization.

Frictionless Access to Internal Apps

Bitium understands that companies need one way for their employees to access all apps including their internal web-based apps. With Bitium’s API, companies can integrate with web-based partner apps outside the firewall, as well as internal custom web apps.

Robust App Management

With Bitium, administrators have visibility into and control over which apps users can add. Apps can be restricted by users, groups or organizational units. App administration can be delegated outside the IT department empowering users and reducing the load on IT.