Centralized Application Management

One place to manage users, apps, and access

Connect All of Your Apps in Record Time

We’re pretty sure you have bigger and better plans for your IT resources, which is why we take the app integration burden off IT’s shoulders and place it on ours. Now you’ll be able to connect all your apps in hours instead of days.

Worried about connecting a private or custom application? We’ve got you covered. Bitium will add private, custom applications for our customers whether they are in the cloud or behind the firewall.

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Automate User Management

Freeing IT resources from manually creating, updating and deleting user accounts is our sweet spot. Bitium allows admins to provision users into applications directly from the Bitium dashboard, which means your employees have immediate access to the apps they need. Bitium auto-provisions users into the downstream app without you needing to visit the third-party site to create new seats.

One-Click Deprovisioning

Streamlining offboarding is the best way to minimize security risk from employees who leave your company. Bitium provides one-click off-boarding, so your team can know for certain that a departing employee can’t access your apps or walk away with your data.

Group Provisioning

Easily manage a large number of users and apps by creating groups, which will automatically give users access to the apps they need based on their work group (company, department, client, project, etc.) and level of access needed. With Bitium, IT is always in control but not in the way.

App Visibility - Turn on the Lights for IT

Bitium delivers insight into your organization’s SaaS usage. You’ll always know who has access, what applications they are accessing, and their IP address. With Bitium, IT can make decisions based on real-time data. Our detailed event log and reports aren’t just pretty; they’re smart.

Optimize SaaS usage – Eliminate Unused Licenses

Everyone likes to save money and delivering cost reductions always goes over well with the boss. Bitium’s reporting provides detailed information about how many seats have been purchased and how many end-users are actually using them. So you can cut costs by eliminating unused licenses from SaaS apps.

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