BASE Developer Guide

Authentication and Authorization

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Organizations and application providers want to invest their energy into the core functionality and value-add their app or service can deliver. Solving for authentication and authorization is a costly distraction and with customers seeking new and sophisticated methods of authentication, developing a mastery in these capabilities is inefficient.

Bitium Application Services Endpoint

BASE is an efficient authentication and authorization platform that allows organizations to quickly and easily create scalable SAML-based authorization for their app. BASE allows app providers to focus on the functionality of their app or service saving development time and effort while providing flexibility.


Do you need to grant your employees or partners access to your internal app? BASE can help.


Is your business-to-business app or API accessed by people external to your organization? BASE can help.


  • Authentication: Industry-standard SAML connections
  • Enterprise Integration: LDAP, Active Directory, or any cloud-based Identity Provider (IdP)
  • Multi-device Support: Laptops, tablets, mobile phones
  • Security: SOC2: Audited and complies with SOC2 Trust Services Principle
  • Reporting: Log retention to meet compliance requirements, facilitate diagnosis and resolution of authentication issues and forensic analysis
  • Support: Enterprise-level support including prioritized ticket responses, an available 24/7 option with 1 hour response time