Identity Management Service
Connect, manage and secure your apps, users and directories

Holistic Approach

Bitium takes a holistic view of credential management and enables organizations to take ownership of employee credentials and manage them through a robust workflow. This empowers organizations to gain visibility into credentials and drive accountability through automation of repetitive, error-prone tasks.

Security Insights into Credentials

Bitium provides organizations valuable insights and reports into application and user security. This information allows companies to identify key areas for improvement and enforce them from within Bitium.

Robust Security Policies

Organizations can set policies that require users to regularly reset their passwords enabling better security. With Bitium, users can easily create and apply strong passwords with the Password Generator. Companies can easily share access to apps with partners and agencies, without disclosing passwords.

Easy Storage and Sharing of Non-Credential Information

Organizations often need to store non-credential codes that are critical to the business. Key Vault, a feature of Bitium, allows companies to share and store confidential, non-credential information like alarm codes, credit card numbers and database access keys.