Identity Management Service
Connect, manage and secure your apps, users and directories

Seamless and Secure Integration

As companies move to the cloud, it makes sense that they want to leverage their existing investments in identity infrastructure. With Bitium, organizations can seamlessly integrate with their existing directories be it Active Directory (AD), Google Apps, HR management systems or any directory using Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) and extend user identity into the cloud. Companies can also use Bitium as their primary directory.

Multi-Directory Information Sharing

Organizations often have multiple sources of identity and need to share information between them in order to provide appropriate user access, avoid manual replication and increase workflow efficiency. Bitium can automate the distribution of user and group information across directories, helping to implement role-based access.

Flexible Investment That Scales

Bitium’s flexible solution works with organizations as their business grows and evolves. When organizations decide to change systems or directories, Bitium is a constant and helps companies with these transitions.

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