Centralized Application & Identity Management

Connecting and unifying all your users, apps, and directories

Single Sign-On

Your days of storing and managing passwords in a spreadsheet or writing them down on Post-its are over. Bitium’s complete and flexible single sign-on solution allows employees to log in once to Bitium and enjoy one-click access to all of the applications they use from their customizable end-user dashboard.

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Application Management

Freeing IT resources from manually creating, updating, and deleting user accounts is our sweet spot. Bitium allows admins to automate the user management process, have one-click deprovisioning, and easily manage a large number of employees through automated group provisioning — all from one dashboard.

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Password Management

Real time password monitoring delivers actionable insight about your organization’s password strength and is the most efficient way to increase application security. Bitium also provides a powerful password reset feature and various policy controls - exactly what the modern IT admin needs.

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Directory Integration

Connect your directory to the cloud: Active Directory, LDAP, Google, HR Management Systems and more. Bitium extends your identity to the cloud so IT can centrally control and manage access from one place and your employees can access all their apps using their network credentials.

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Protect your apps, data, users, and customers with two-factor authentication, real-time application and user security monitoring, industrial-strength authentication (SAML), IP blocking, and a secure mobile app.

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Reporting & Compliance

Our real-time reporting makes it easy to maintain compliance within SaaS. Bitium’s detailed reports and event log deliver the information you want to know about your users and the web apps they access.

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