Identity Management Service
Connect, manage and secure your apps, users and directories

Efficient User Management

Organizations spend hours manually creating and updating user accounts for each new employee. Bitium automates user management, reducing the burden on administrators. Once new users are added to the organization’s primary directory, Bitium can auto-provision them to the downstream app. This provides faster provisioning of applications and users, increasing organizational productivity.

Group Provisioning

Bitium allows organizations to easily manage a large number of users based on groups such as company, department, client or project. Groups can be aligned with functional roles, which provides them with the right level of access. This provides efficient provisioning of appropriate apps to users based on roles and business need.

One-Click Deprovisioning

Bitium streamlines offboarding to minimize security risk from employees who leave the organization. With one-click offboarding, organizations can protect against departing employees retaining access to company, client or customer data.

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