We all want to make data-based decisions, and now you can. Bitium’s dynamic reporting delivers actionable insight that suits the modern IT admin. Some reports are just pretty.
Ours are smart and pretty.

Real-Time Reporting

We’ll bring the insight. You make the smart decisions. Bitium’s detailed reports and event log deliver the information you want to know about your users and the web apps they access.

Maintain Compliance Within SaaS

If you are in a regulated environment, Bitium lets you deploy applications with the user access controls required to enable and maintain a state of compliance.

Regardless of whether it’s PCI DSS, SOX, FTC Safeguards, Mass 201 CMR 17.00, NIST 800-53 or your own security controls framework, Bitium is the single location to configure and enforce requirements.

Reduce Audit Fatigue

The logs and audit trails built into Bitium provide the data and reports you need for all of your cloud applications in a single location. This reduces the time and effort required to organize the information needed to monitor compliance and compile evidence for auditors and examiners.

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