Two-Factor Authentication

Double the security. Prevent unauthorized account logins and keep your applications and information safe with Bitium’s two-factor authentication or your own third-party solution. With Bitium, admins can require employees to use two forms of authentication when they sign into Bitium. These two factors include a user’s password and a one-time code generated through an authentication application available on all major mobile devices.

Real-Time Application and User Security Monitoring

Bitium provides an Organizational Insights dashboard that delivers real-time data about application and user security, and enables IT to take action on increasing password strength for your organization. Whether you want a holistic view of your organization’s password strength or want to filter it by specific app or user, Bitium assigns a grade based on the strength of the password used. Now IT can take immediate action to make sure password offenders are using stronger and smarter passwords.

Secure Authentication with SAML

Bringing enterprise-level protection to cloud applications is not simple, but using SAML to exchange authentication and authorization between cloud applications and your internal identity manager or directory service gives IT more control and oversight. SAML eliminates the need to use multiple authentication credentials for applications. This increases application security while decreasing administration resources and costs.

Mobile Identity

We know you’re always on the go, but there is no reason to sacrifice security for mobility. With Bitium, you get the best of both worlds, so you can securely take your apps on the go and not worry about security.

Secure Notes

Sometimes admins want to share private, app-specific information. Secure Notes allow admins to keep this information securely stored within Bitium. Access to the Secure Notes can be given to other admins, or all users of the app.

IP Blocking

Powerful IT admin controls allow companies to restrict Bitium access to users at a specific IP address or range of IP addresses.

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