One Password for All Your Apps

Your days of storing and managing passwords in a spreadsheet or writing them down on Post-its are over. Bitium’s complete and flexible single sign-on solution allows employees to log in once to Bitium and enjoy one-click access to all of the applications they use from their customizable end-user dashboard.

Powerful End-User Dashboard Solves Password Fatigue

Bitium’s flexible single sign-on solution includes a clean end-user dashboard that makes it easy for employees to manage and access the apps they need. Once logged in, they can enjoy one-click access to all of the applications they use.

Self-Service, Pre-Integrated Application Catalog

In the cloud era, employees need to be able to choose the apps they love. Bitium’s app catalog comes pre-integrated with over 4000 apps and counting. Don’t see yours on the list? We’ll add it - private and custom applications that are in the cloud or behind the firewall are our specialty.

Eliminate Passwords with SAML

Eliminate the need for passwords completely by enabling SAML authentication for your apps. SAML is the most secure way to manage authentication to corporate apps and Bitium is a trusted SAML identity provider for many integrated apps.

Delegate Authentication to Your Directory

Seamlessly and securely integrate Bitium with your corporate directory. Whether it’s Active Directory, LDAP, Google Apps, an HR Management System or another on-premise directory, Bitium allows you to extend your corporate identity to the cloud. Your users can access Bitium with their corporate credentials and have one-click access to all of their web-based applications.

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