Bitium builds trust with customers through
transparency & innovation

Privacy & Trust

Bitium understands the importance of safeguarding customer data and strives to maintain your trust. Bitium has achieved the following privacy and security certifications. A third party review of our security controls is also regularly performed.


Bitium runs within the Amazon Web Services (AWS) ecosystem and follows industry accepted best practices including distributing our infrastructure across multiple datacenters to minimize the potential impact of failure.

Bitium is an AWS Advanced Technology Partner

Secure Storage

Sensitive data stored within Bitium is protected by a robust encryption process that exceeds industry standards. Unique encryption keys are used for all users and organizations.

Operations Security

Bitium Practices Security All Day, Everyday.

We believe in a constant state of improvement and have established procedures to help protect against malicious or unintended actions that could impact operations.


Bitium is designed to be highly available and resilient to service disruptions. Bitium monitors its systems continuously and in the unlikely event of an incident, there is a 24x7 response team in place to address.

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