Achieving the promise of cloud computing requires an easy-to-use identity and access management solution

Whatever the size of your company or the nature of your current IT environment, Bitium makes it simple to leverage cloud-based apps for your business.


Whether you need Bitium to help you integrate cloud-based apps into your business, or you want to extend your existing choice of directory to the cloud, our solution makes it easy to manage.


    Provision new users, change access rights or remove authorizations when employees leave your company all with a single click from a central web dashboard.


    See which users are accessing your apps, run reports and audit app usage in real time so you can get on with running your business.


Bitium is an extremely flexible single sign-on solution. Companies can allow employees to use their
existing directory credentials, Bitium password or even a Google ID to log
in once and access all their apps via a personal, customizable dashboard so
they can get to work immediately.

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