Bitium frees up IT resources and empowers
employees to do their best work

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Quickly deploy new cloud-based applications, enable one-click provisioning and
de-provisioning of users and manage all apps in one place to unleash the full
productivity advantage of cloud computing for your business.

    Integrating and managing access to apps can overwhelm IT and frustrate employees.


    Cloud computing is the ability to accommodate third-party innovation into your business with greater flexibility and freedom.


We offer access to a pre-integrated catalog of thousands of web-based apps.


Days of storing and managing passwords in a spreadsheet or writing them down on post-its are over.

Bitium’s complete and flexible single sign-on solution allows employees to log in once to Bitium and enjoy one-click access to all of the applications they use from their customizable end-user dashboard.


Administrators can deploy apps to the whole company in minutes and manage them easily and securely in one place.

We can even add private or custom-built applications from within the cloud or behind your firewall.


Once deployed, it is easy for employees to get access to the apps they need.

Bitium empowers employees to self-provision from the list of apps you make available, getting them started faster and making them less likely to go looking for apps on their own.


Your admins can see all apps being used by your employees, can easily extend app provisioning to an entire group and can revoke user access to apps with one click.

You’ll even make your IT budget stretch further by consolidating your application licenses and quickly re-assigning user seats when employees leave.