Bitium simplifies identity access management
for cloud-forward companies

The Way Companies do Business is Changing

Software-as-a-Service and cloud-based applications empower companies of all sizes to innovate and grow. Forward-thinking IT managers recognize the promise of their business and they also recognize


  • Identifying the most beneficial apps and services for the business, and enabling employees to use the apps they need without exposing them
    to risk

  • The sheer pace of innovation as a result of the adoption of web-based applications

  • The need to securely manage, identify and access cloud-based applications in an environment that is fast-paced, always changing, and highly mobile

Bitium is a next-generation identity and access management company
working with cloud-forward companies on


to unleash the full potential of cloud computing.


We provide cloud-based identity and access management solutions, including single sign-on, password management and analytics for small, medium and enterprise businesses.

Founded in 2012, Bitium aims to give growing companies the ability to manage access to all of their web-based applications — including Google Apps and Office 365, as well as social networks and CRM, collaboration and marketing tools — in one place, without hindering employee adoption of these applications.

Organizations such as GroupM, Fullscreen and Demand Media use Bitium for an easy-to-use solution that delivers increased flexibility and security.